Kevin Bacon is stalking me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Swimsuit: c/o Beverly Swimwear
Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: old [similar]
Sandals: c/o Mindy Mae's Market
Bag: borrowed from Lo
Sunglasses: c/o LuLu*s
Necklace: c/o Skinny Pig Designs
Shell Bracelet: c/o Skinny Pig Designs
Anchor Bracelet: c/o Pure Impressions

Guess what?
This Saturday marks the first official day of the summer season!
It also happens to be the longest day of the year as well as my Dad's birthday. Two happy coincidences. :)

I'm celebrating the end of spring and beginning of summer by sharing with you a beach-ready outfit featuring an adorable swimsuit from Beverly Swimwear! I'm wearing the Sassy Stripes suit in Pink/White and I loooove it! The best part about Beverly Swimwear's swimsuits besides the fact that they're insanely cute is that they are custom made to fit you! I'm so tired of buying swimsuits that are either too tight on the bottoms or too loose on top (the woes of being flat chested), and Beverly Swimwear is the answer to my problems.

Beverly, the mastermind behind the company, makes the suits herself and she makes them according to your body type and measurements! She is also extremely sweet and so easy to work with--when I first ordered my suit, the chest area was a little loose but I just mailed it back to her and she had it fixed and sent back within a week! I love companies and people who really care about customer service and satisfaction so I would highly recommend getting yourself a suit from Beverly Swimwear.

Besides the Sassy Stripes suit, my favorites are the Rainbow Straps, Basic Bombshell, and Chic Cap. For each style there are also multiple fabrics and patterns you can choose from, making your swimsuit that much more custom.

ps. In case you were wondering, those little doodles on my skin are henna tattoos, drawn on by yours truly (the feather was done by Jess cus I'm not a lefty). We had a girls night last week and went a little crazy with some DIY tattoos. They're so much fun!

Currently I'm watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. and I can't get over how adorable Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling's chemistry is.

Also, I'm pretty sure Kevin Bacon is stalking me because I've seen 3 movies on TV in the past 2 days with him in them, unintentionally. What a creeper.


  1. I love that movie!! Its so cute and I who doesn't love Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell?? Happy Tuesday!

  2. OMG you look amazing here i love that hat!

  3. God, Kevin, back off.
    Such a cute swimsuit :)

  4. Crazy Stupid Love is amazing! Kevin Bacon is awesome. That suit is super cute!! Love it.

    xoxo Allison over at Allison's Eye

  5. i love that suit! you look great!!


  6. Kevin is awesome, and in nearly every movie ever made : >
    Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look terrific.

  7. Love this look and that hat is stunning! #allaboutyou

  8. I love your whole look today! You take a fantastic picture. I think your vest top works well with the shorts - lovethe colour by the way! I like how you've tied a denim shirt around your waist too! I'm co-hosting Stylish Tuesday today but there has been something wrong with the link. I will leave it here in case you didn't get chance earlier!

  9. You look like you're having so much fun! And I enjoyed watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was incredibly cute.

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  10. Love love love LOVE this suit! Seriously so cute!!

  11. OMG, Crazy Stupid Love is one of my most favorite movies!

    Thank you for sharing about the custom made bathing suit. I'm also not very well-endowed at the top, so I have a hard time finding bathing suits that fit too :P

  12. Great outfit ! And the hat is perfect for the summer !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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