Is it Fall yet?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top: c/o Style Lately
Cardigan: Forever 21 [similar]
Jeans: c/o Impressions Online Boutique
Earrings: c/o Kelsey's Feathers
Sandals: c/o LuLu*s

As much as I love the beautiful Summer sun, I can't wait for it to be Fall already!
I'm obsessed with boots, hats, layers, maroons and olives, and scarves so naturally, Fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion!

These past couple of days the weather has been WEIRD in Utah (anybody else agree?). One minute it's hot and sunny and the next minute an angry thunderstorm sweeps through town....and then it's gone in ten minutes. Like can you please make up your mind Mother Nature?

The weather explains my Fall-esque outfit today because of how things have been so unpredictable lately! I'm keeping it cozy with this knit cardigan and boyfriend jeans, but I'm keeping my sandals on instead of boots just so my feet don't get all sweaty (TMI). I'm LOVING these bright feather earrings from Kelsey's Feathers because they add a nice pop of color to the neutral outfit! Seriously how cute are they? And of course, you can't forget this statement top from Style Lately that quotes one of my favorite songs from Pharrell! I know "Happy" is a bit overplayed, but I can't help but feel cheerful whenever I hear it aaaand it's from one of my favorite movies, Despicable Me 2 so I can't not like it. :)

 It's hard not to get excited about these little guys.


  1. You look so pretty! i am so excited for fall as well!

  2. Although I don't want to wish away summer, I do agree fall clothes are the best ! Love this outfit

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  3. gorgeous sweater!

  4. Goodness gracious I have been feeling the same way! I mean I love summer and I like the sun, but I can't help it-I love the crisp feeling of fall. You look super cute. That sweater is perfect!
    xoxo Allison

  5. LOVE your cardigan! We are so ready for fall weather!

  6. great look and I love the T. ( and can happy really be played to much)

  7. this outfit is so me! i love boyfriend sweathers, and the pop of blue is so cute!

    C's Evolution of Style


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