Embrace Your Inner Gypsy

Friday, May 6, 2016

Roundie: c/o Lady Scorpio 101
Top: [similar]
Skirt: Target
Bracelet: c/o Everwear
Earring: [similar]

I interrupt your lovely Friday to share with you this AMAAAAAZING roundie from a cute little company called Lady Scorpio 101. I've been dying for one of these for a while now and this one is just the right print/color/size/everything! Basically, it's perfect. I'll definitely be taking it to the beach and park a lot this summer! Lady Scorpio 101 has all the decor, tapestries, accessories, and jewelry to satisfy your inner gypsy. They seriously have the most impressive collection of tapestries with every design and color you can think of! Besides this cute roundie, I also have this gold gypsy mandala tapestry (that is beautifully humongous and hanging right behind our headboard--you might have seen it in my recent YouTube videos) and this moon phases wall hanging decor (which is ONLY $20 right now FYI). I'll be sharing those on my blog real soon and how I've used them to spruce up our apartment!

It's beginning to feel like summer is creeping in real slowly in Utah! It's weird because it's not super bright and sunny outside during the day, but the temperature is sky-rocketing up. I actually feel hot and sticky right now in our apartment--which means it's almost time to hook up the swamp cooler and run that loud baby on all night. Joy. But if putting up with an obnoxious swamp cooler is what it takes to welcome summer, I'm all for it bebe. SUMMER BRING IT ON!

PS. If you're just as obsessed with Lady Scorpio 101 as I am, here is a 15% off coupon code just for my readers! Use the code ARIELRAYHAMILTON at checkout and you're all ready to enjoy your gypsy gear! Alsooooo, I'll be hosting a GIVEAWAY real soon on my Instagram for some Lady Scorpio 101 products so make sure you FOLLOW my account (@arielrayhamilton) to look out for that! xx

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday my loves.


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