Namaste in Bed

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

sweatshirt c/o
mug c/o
wall tapestry c/o

This sweatshirt is literally the story of my life this past week.
I caught a nasty cold last weekend so my days have been a variation of laying in bed or laying on the couch. Is it just me or are colds just so hard to come back from? I feel heaps better now but I still have a bit of a runny nose that just won't seem to go away...

If you're on the search for some comfy, cozy sweatshirts right now with your life mantra on it, look no further. Stylegirl has got you covered left and right (and up and down and everywhere, really). Give them a looksie and you might even find a familiar face around their website! :)

On another note,
I bought a bike the other day.
And I love it.

(if that wasn't already obvious)


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