Friday, April 21, 2017

joggers c/o

Two cozy outfit posts in a row.

I feel like we are at that awkward place in the seasons where Spring and Winter are playing tag team every other day and it's really messing with my head. Just the other day I was taking a warm bike ride in the sun and the next I'm dashing from the car to my apartment trying to escape the rain and wind! April need to get its act together.

In other (obvious) news, it's the weekend!
It's always a happy feeling knowing the next two days are designated for rest and relaxation. I'll probably be taking advice from my sweatshirt and getting some much needed zzzs in. I hope everyone has some fun (and/or chill) plans ahead!


  1. I need that sweatshirt ASAP.

    I have mini-break from work this week and I plan on napping every day! :)


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