The One where Ariel watches Friends all day

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scarf: c/o StyleGirl
Flannel: PacSun
Jeans: Bullhead
Booties: Forever 21 [similar]
Sunglasses: borrowed from Jessica!

If my life were a Friends episode, this post title would be its title.
Ever since Saturday morning, I've been hanging out with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey all day, every day.
They have literally become my "friends."
Yes, characters from a 1994 TV show have become my friends. #foreveralone

TV shows like this that have a billion seasons are perfect for watching when you're sick or recovering because the time it takes to watch the entire series, is usually the time it takes to get all better! :)
It's also fun to watch episode after episode without having to wait 7 days in between each one!
I've thanked her a million times already, but THANK YOU Jessica for lending me your DVDs and also bringing me Chic-Fil-A today. Love you girl!

Is it just me or does Jennifer Aniston NEVER age???
I swear she looks the exact same today as she did in 1994.

Also, I wish I were as witty as Chandler.
and as free-spirited as Phoebe.
and as pretty as Rachel.

Who is your favorite Friends character?

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?


  1. love the boots! and I always loved Chandler.

  2. Thise booties are so cute!
    xx Stephanie (

  3. Yes, Jennifer Aniston never ages!! Lucky, ha! Can't go wrong with Chickfila! Hope you're starting to feel better!

  4. Loooove the plaid shirt! gorgeous! And thanks a lot now im craving chic fil a lol

  5. I love your title!!! haha and Rachel is my favorite :) and Joey!

  6. My favorite character is Monica. I like her bit of controlling side of her lol. I love any show on marathon. I hate waiting between episodes, but I feel like waiting between episodes keeps my life straight because otherwise I would be a walking zombie.

  7. when i first saw the preview pic, I thought it was me hahaha I wore a plaid shirt with cream infinity scarf and a topknot a few months back, plus the half Asian threw me off!! Love the yellow in your shirt!

  8. I hope you are recovering well! Spending a day watching Friends sounds like perfection though, you can never get enough! I think my fave was Rachel, I relate to the shopaholic in her a little too much :) you should also watch How I Met Your Mother! It's on Netflix starting with Season 1

  9. Oh my gosh, you are too cute! I am obsessed with Friends! It's hard to pick a favorite character, but I love Chandler's whit, and I love Ross in the later seasons. Of course, Rachel/Jennifer Anniston is gorg.

  10. Funny, that is such a great show! I totally agree about watching a series, its the best. I hate when I have to wait for a week for the next show! Ughh! :)

  11. Ryan and I watched all 10 seasons of Friends in December, I was so depressed when it was all over!! I would say my favorite characters were Chandler and Rachel.

  12. You're too cute! && Funny too!

  13. Those boots are so cute! and that scarf looks so big and cozy!
    I haven't watched a ton of Friends episodes before (I know, such a popular tv show like that one!) but I HAVE seen a ton of episodes of Boy Meets World...!! One of my all-time favourite shows FOR. SURE. :D

    Cachoo Joo

  14. I love being absorbed into a boxset of series. I always feel sad when they end.

  15. I think that if you've ever watched friends, the smelly cat song stays with you forever and ever and pops into your head at the most random times haha.

  16. you make casual look so glamorous :)

  17. Love this look and looking gorgeous as always!! Thanks for linking up to Trend Spin, come back next week for stripes and checks :)

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas


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