Something New...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Cardigan: c/o Oasap
Top: Madison and Sixth
Jeans: c/o Impressions Boutique
Scarf: c/o StyleGirl
Boots: thrifted
Remember that one time I made a New Year's Resolution to GO somewhere new every month?
Well I tweaked it a bit.
I decided to change it to TRYING something new every month!
And I've kept that resolution...
So far, at least :)

In fact, I tried TWO new things this month!
They're nothing crazy but they're been things I've been wanting to do for a while now and I finally got around to making it happen:

1) I made my first purchase at Anthropologie.
2) I made my first purchase at Lush.

I know they're both a bit silly (based on the fact that they're both about buying materialistic things), but to me it was about treating myself to something nice.
(TREAT YOURSELF 2015--Parks & Rec anyone?)

Every time I hit up City Creek Mall in Salt Lake I always, always walk through Anthropologie. I mean that store is what I want the inside of my future home to look like, sans the people shopping and clothing racks. The only downside is that everything in that store is pretty much overpriced. I can never really justify spending $150 on a refurbished globe that was painted on by acrylics.

But this time around I decided hey, why not treat myself to one thing?
So I did it. I treated myself.
and I do not regret buying it one bit.

My second first purchase at Lush, was an Avo Bath Bomb.
For a while now I've seen pictures on Instagram of everybody and their grandmas using these Lush Bath Bombs. The last time I took a bath--I'm pretty sure I was 5--but let's be clear for a sec. I SHOWER ALL THE TIME. I'm not Britt from The Bachelor, here ;) I just never felt the need or urge to take a long hot bath because I would rather be doing other things. Well. Ever since I started the Kayla Itsines BBG workout program, my body's been aching a lot more than usual. My friend Bri has always told me to try out a bath bomb and I just never got around to it until now.

Let me tell you.
My life is forever changed.
Who knew throwing a "bomb" into a tub of hot water would make me feel more relaxed than I've ever been in who knows how long! I'll definitely be a frequent customer of Lush from now on.
My only regret is that I didn't discover the beauty of Lush sooner.

I guess what I wanted to focus on this month was treating myself.
Everyone deserves to treats themselves to something nice every once in a while, right?
Tom and Donna would agree with me :)

Left: my new candle from Anthro--that I light for a bit every night before I go to bed (I blow it out before I go to sleep, of course)
Right: My set-up to try out my new bath bomb. Excuse my inevitable excess of bottles.

So yep, those are my acts of trying something new for the month of January!
I know some of you found that specific resolution of mine interesting so if you decided to do it yourself, I hope you did something pretty cool!

Have a great week!
Also, it's already February, whaaaaaaaaat??


  1. cool outfit and beautiful pics

  2. Love your jeans! Perfect look Ariel!

  3. This outfit is so simple and I love it.Great styling and I'm loving those shoes!

    P.S. I've been wanting to try something from Lush too! :-)


  4. love this outfit! I am not a big Lush purchaser (is that a word?) but have always loved anything I have bought from there!

  5. Those jeans and scarf are amazing! I'm loving the coziness of this look!


  6. Haha I have the exact same bathing set up haha computer all ready to go! I love it!

  7. nice look!

  8. love that white tee!

    xx nikki


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